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Becoming a landlord can be a very attractive investment opportunity, however, it comes with responsibilities that may literally wake you up in the middle of the night. You’re on a business trip to London and at 4am you get a call on your mobile from your tenant in Soho to let you know that their toilet is blocked… Wouldn’t you rather they called us instead?


HomeWise Realty provides you and your tenants with 24/7, 365 day a year peace of mind. And it’s not just the emergency troubleshooting that can be so time consuming for you. From finding you the right occupants, through drawing up the agreements, managing the utilities, the collection of rent, the payment of outgoings, to an efficient response and repair service, HomeWise Realty can live up to both you and your high calibre tenants’ expectations.


Using an industry leading software system designed specifically to keep all of your property finances and paperwork audited and up to date, we can relieve you of the commitment of being a full-time landlord. And since 2003 we have been dealing on an almost daily basis with a reliable pool of tried and trusted trades-people to maintain and improve your important investment.


These days most tenants and certainly all corporates demand professional management from their landlords. So make sure you are capable of meeting and exceeding their demands by employing HomeWise Realty to look after your interests.

Property management for overseas landlords typically involves a range of responsibilities related to the effective maintenance and oversight of real estate assets owned by individuals or entities located outside the country where the property is situated. Some of the key responsibilities of property management for overseas landlords include:

1. **Tenant Management**: Finding and screening tenants, negotiating lease agreements, collecting rent, and handling tenant inquiries, complaints, and maintenance requests.

2. **Maintenance and Repairs**: Arranging and overseeing routine maintenance and repairs, as well as addressing emergencies promptly to ensure the property remains in good condition.

3. **Financial Management**: Managing financial aspects such as rent collection, handling expenses, budgeting, and providing financial reports to the property owner.

4. **Legal and Regulatory Compliance**: Ensuring that the property complies with local laws, regulations, and safety codes, including property inspections and obtaining necessary permits.

5. **Communication with Landlord**: Keeping the property owner informed about the property’s status, financial performance, and any issues that require their attention or decisions.

6. **Property Inspections**: Conducting regular property inspections to assess its condition and identify any maintenance or repair needs.

7. **Vendor Management**: Hiring, supervising, and managing contractors, maintenance personnel, and service providers for the property.

8. **Emergency Response**: Being available for emergency situations and coordinating necessary repairs or services promptly.

9. **Financial Planning**: Assisting the property owner with long-term financial planning, such as property improvements, renovations, or potential sales.

10. **Taxation and Reporting**: Advising on tax matters related to the property and providing necessary documentation for tax reporting and compliance.

Property management for overseas landlords often requires a high level of communication and coordination, as well as a deep understanding of local real estate laws and market conditions in the region where the property is located. Property management companies or professionals typically play a crucial role in helping overseas landlords effectively manage their real estate investments while providing peace of mind and convenience.

For further information or to discuss your needs please email us on: [email protected] or visit the contact us section.


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